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There is a need for young leaders who are looking to develop their skills and talents to help improve the world around them. Older generations can play a vital role in helping these individuals reach their full potential.


The following books are designed to help people improve their leadership and life skills. They are for individuals who are passionate about serving others and having the necessary input and influence to make a difference in the world.


These books will help you develop your mindset, improve your self-awareness, and become a better leader and person. They will also inspire and motivate you.


  1. Franklin and Winston by Jon Meacham

Despite the thousands of individuals responsible for the great things that have happened in the past, history still focuses on the singular greatness of one individual. This volume is about how one friendship can change the world. Through their experiences, these individuals have shown that even though they have faced ups and downs, they can still make a difference.


  1. Bobby Kennedy by Larry Tye

Throughout his life, Bobby Kennedy has been an inspiration. He was willing to put his ambitions aside to help his brother, John, become the next president of the United States. After John was killed, he completely changed himself and became one of the most prominent leaders in public life. He provided a roadmap for people to rebuild their lives.


  1. The Last Lion, Alone by William Manchester

The second book in this series, Alone, is about how Winston Churchill dealt with his leadership failures. Throughout his life, he experienced tremendous success but faced various challenges, such as rejection, isolation, and failure. He eventually grew into the leader that England needed to beat Nazi Germany and Hitler.


  1. Built To Last by Jim Collins

The book made a huge difference in my thinking about how to build a thriving organization. It helped me understand what it takes to lead a group and create an effective organization.


  1. Friends Divided by Gordon S. Wood

The book made me realize that there is a lot of difficulty and depth in being a good friend in leadership. It is rare for people to be close to each other due to their selfish interests and jealousy. However, through this book, we can develop the type of friendships needed to make a tremendous difference in the world and achieve success.


  1. A Promised Land by Barack Obama

The author’s self-awareness is apparent even if one’s political views are not aligned with yours. The insights he offers are insightful and can help people make better decisions.


  1. Good To Great by Jim Collins

The concept of level 5 leadership is a central theme of this book. It helps people develop a deeper understanding of themselves and how to be better leaders. Although it is not focused on spirituality or emotional intelligence, the lessons and insights apply to everyone.


  1. Frederick Douglass by David W. Blight

 It was also uplifting to read about Frederick Douglass, an enslaved person who became a free man. The story of how he changed the world through his actions and beliefs is very inspiring.


  1. Founding Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis

The story of America’s founding generation is told in this book. It shows how the individuals created a country by working together. After reading the various insights about the leaders, it became apparent that the key to achieving great value is finding groups of people committed to growing together.


  1. Belichick by Ian O’Connor

Bill Belichick is one of the most inspirational coaches in the world. He has taught me a lot about how to build a successful team. He has also shown me how to focus on the details and develop a mental toughness that will allow me to achieve my goals.