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This post is about some of the best organizations for individuals with special needs. The focus will be on charitable, educational organizations that help people with disabilities or learn skills to modify them to integrate more easily in our society.


1. Hope Technology School (HTS)

HTS is a nonprofit organization in San Diego, California. This organization trains people with Autism or other developmental disorders to be help desk technicians for national computer companies. The work enables adults to learn how to communicate and function normally in the workplace and become more employable by regular companies.


2. E-Sports Learning and Development Center (ESLD)

ESLD is a program that trains individuals with disabilities in video games. The students learn to play a variety of games, including those based on Super Smash Brothers and Call of Duty.


3. Special Olympics

Special Olympics offers sports training for people with disabilities and holds competitions worldwide to promote social acceptance of people with special needs.


4. AbilityFirst

Ability First is based in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and focuses on helping adults who have Autism become trainable, so they will be able to integrate with other people in their communities more easily. Ability First also provides programs that teach adults how to live safely and independently.


5. Inclusive Technology

Inclusive Technology is a non-profit organization that aims to make computers available to those who are unable to afford them. This organization provides low-cost computers and works with public schools to train teachers to use them in the classroom effectively.


6. Texas A&M Aggie ACHIEVE

The Texas Agricultural & Mechanical College (Aggie ACHIEVE) is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals with disabilities to integrate more easily into society. This organization trains people with disabilities to use computers and software for businesses and their own needs.



AUMI is an organization that provides people with special needs, such as those with Autism, to work in the specialty industry. The work includes lab work and assembly for companies that manufacture computer parts.


8. Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities

CCD is based in Washington, D.C., and provides resources for parents, children, and adults with disabilities. The consortium helps to provide resources and information to help families, individuals with special needs, and their communities.


9. Paralyzed Veterans of America

The Paralyzed Veterans of America is a worldwide organization that works to help veterans who have paralysis or another disability which affects their mobility. The organization provides advocacy and support to individuals with special needs.


10. Parents Helping Parents

Parents Helping Parents (PHP) is a nonprofit organization that assists families of children with special needs and education for parents to support their children. They also promote advocacy for children with special needs. PHP also works to help parents of children with special needs to understand their rights as parents.



These organizations help not only people with disabilities but also society at large by promoting greater acceptance and inclusion of people who have disabilities. These organizations are helping to change society’s views so that society can be more accepting, open, and welcoming to people who have disabilities.