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One in four adults are preparing to retire within the next five years, and one in three will be 60 or older. That is an incredible amount of retiring seniors. It means that there is a severe need for developing the next generation of leaders by teaching business skills, like finance and marketing, so young people know how to take their opportunities.

1. Learning Channels

The best way to learn is by doing, and that is why internship programs are vital to making connections. Learning begins with an internship and progresses to a mentorship program. At this point, interns learn step-by-step with one-on-one teaching, so they are prepared for the workforce. The most successful of these mentees become mentorships themselves so others can follow in their footsteps.

2. Personal Learning Clouds

Mentorships are not all about business. They are a lot more than that. Mentorship programs can help raise self-esteem and develop leadership skills, so they are a vital part of society. As mentors, we can help people reach their full potential by developing the skills that lead to an exciting career and giving people confidence in themselves to take on opportunities.

3. Mentoring is a Two-Way Street

When in a mentorship program, people need to know that they are valued and appreciated, too. That is why it is essential to give as much as you take. By giving back, people can understand that they are making a difference in someone else’s life and being part of something bigger than themselves. It also teaches compassion and empathy, which are vital to having no regrets in life.

4. Connections are Key

Mentoring and mentorship are more than a handbook to future careers. They are how people can make connections with others in the same field and continue to learn together, which is vital in building a team. They can also help solve problems and overcome obstacles as a team instead of individually by working together.


What we can learn in our professional lives can also apply to personal ones. Whether good leaders, managers, or even parents, we can develop the traits needed to succeed in every area of our lives through mentorship programs. The leadership skills learned through mentorship are essential to growing in life, and it shows that one person’s success leads to another’s.