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There are many talented artists with down syndrome. However, it is rare that they get the attention and respect that they deserve as artists. Here are a couple of names of contemporary artists with down syndrome:

Alan Tellez

Tellez is an artist from Mexico who studied at the Instituto Municipal de Bellas Artes, which is Mexico’s world recognized art institute. Recently, he had an art exhibit in New York City. His art is mainly abstract and at times wavers on surrealism, and is influenced by painters such as Picasso and Joan Miro. Tellez also is a global Down Syndrome ambassador and has spoken in front of the united nations, and additionally partners with children’s rights organizations to give back.

Christian Royal

Royal makes pieces of handmade pottery, each of which is unique due to the nature of not being mass produced. He began making pottery as he was unable to attend school as other students did and instead participated in a homeschool program that enabled him to modify the curriculum to what benefitted him. He has a studio where he makes and sells hand-made and hand-painted pieces of pottery, which come in the form of necklaces, bowls, decorative pieces, and more.

Bernadette Resha

Resha has always been immersed in the art world, and even as a young child, she attended many galleries, museums, and concert halls to look at art. Her body of work sports a style that is entirely her own, and she has exhibits and sells art at many galleries all over the United States.

Megan Hawk

Hawk is an artist who has studied under and befriended artist Charlotte Link. Hawk will visit Link’s studio once a week and paint for hours at a time, using vibrant colors to paint animals and birds. Hawk sells her painting and has donated them to be auctioned at local fundraisers such as that of the Louisville Down Syndrome Association.

Sarina Rosalie Favazza

Favazza is an Italian-American woman who started an art business with her sister. She attended art classes that taught a variety of mediums, and as a product of these classes has sold over 30 paintings since she began. She enjoys not just painting, but mixed media pieces as well that include attaching parts of nature the canvas, for instance, rocks, leaves, or other items that can be found outdoors.