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Russ Ewell

Leading Good

About Russ

Throughout his career, Russ Ewell has focused on leading others. As the founder of two different technology-related companies, over the years Russ has gained a lot of experience bringing people together and helping teams realize their full potential. Today Russ’ focus is on “leading good.” Every business wants to be successful, but at the same time, it’s critical that businesses remember to give back to the community in some manner as well as ensure that the work environment is supportive to employees. Russ intends to take his leadership experience and help others learn how to lead good.

Russ Ewell discovered his leadership abilities during high school. While running for student body president, he gave his first speech and received a standing ovation. Russ never expected that type of reaction. During college, Russ thought that he would pursue politics. However, after becoming involved with a Bible study group, Russ decided to pursue spirituality instead. Russ believed that he would be able to help more people through spirituality rather than politics

The concept of leading good means many different things to Russ Ewell. While it is tied to his spiritual beliefs, every organization can benefit from it. Ultimately, leading good means inspiring others to give back to their community and ensuring that the workplace provides employees with a sense of purpose beyond just getting a paycheck. Through his work, Russ hopes to help organizations bring quality living to employees and make a positive impact on the community outside of work. An organization that leads good has a sense of community and is therefore truly successful.

There are a number of qualities that a leader should possess. One of the essential qualities is humility. Looking back at his path as a leader, Russ Ewell admits that as a young man he lacked humility, and it is something he has worked hard to rectify over the years. Another critical quality that every leader must possess is emotional intelligence. Finally, it’s also vital to have the discipline and capacity to execute. Any leader can have an idea of how a business should function. However, a true leader knows how to execute and how to inspire others to follow his or her vision.

Russ Ewell’s experience in the church and the technology industry have taught him a lot about how to successfully lead others. Helping others discover how they can not only lead but lead good as well is something that Russ looks forward to exploring in the coming years.

CEO, Digital Scribbler; Founder, HTG; Founder, E-Soccer.