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Being a leader comes with a myriad of responsibilities. Indeed, as they are the ones in charge of managing an entire team on their own, leaders are usually held to high expectations and expected to set a good example. However, No one is perfect and even experienced leaders struggle with some mistakes during their career path. On that premise, the following article presents some common mistakes that leaders make.


Lacking humility

While holding a position of power is imperative for an individual’s ego, it is important that leaders recognize their own shortcomings. Leaders should show their employees that everyone is prone to make mistakes, but what is important is learning from those mistakes in order to grow and be stronger.


Avoiding conflict

Another mistake that leaders make is veering away from confronting conflicts. While handling disagreements is a difficult adjustment, leaders should address the issue right away instead of letting them fester.


Being too friendly

A lot of leaders make the mistake of being too friendly to their subordinates. While it is imperative to have good candor with employees, leaders should set clear boundaries and enforce them with their staff.


Not giving feedback

As giving feedback is important to employee performance, growth, and retention, leaders should set clear expectations and constantly give feedback to their employees. This allows employees to feel appreciated when they do really well and improve themselves when they don’t.


Doing others’ work

Another common mistake that leaders make is completing an employee’s work. This is a dangerous attitude when it comes to managing teams as it hinders employees from reaching their full potential and creates more work for the leader.


Second-guessing themselves

A lot of leaders make the mistake of second-guessing themselves. Instead, leaders should have faith in their abilities and what they are doing.


Not leading by example

Leaders are role models and should lead by example. That said, leaders should avoid the mistake of saying one thing and doing another.


Lacking vision

Without vision, leaders cannot properly plan projects, enable employees to effectively work together and help the company progress.


Not taking risks

A lot of leaders make the mistake of not encouraging their employees to take risks. Risks are necessary for change and achievement.


Being unavailable

Instead of assigning tasks and being hands-off, leaders should make it clear that they are willing to be available when needed.