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In the United States of America, there is a high rate of unemployment among people with disabilities. Many politicians talk about the importance of jobs for the disabled, however, there is little effort to push companies to employ this group. There should be specific policies that focus on job creation for people with disabilities and politicians should earn the trust of people with disabilities before expecting their votes. The candidates can begin by addressing structural barriers that limit the opportunities for disabled individuals to gain employment. 


There are a few approaches that should be utilized.


  • Streamline Paybacks and Healthcare to Eliminate Impediments


The concept of work incentives has, for an extended period, been part of Social Security. It aims to facilitate the participation of beneficiaries in the workforce to achieve self-sufficiency. However, the assumption has been that the goal is to obtain full benefits. However, that is simply not the case as some people with disabilities face limitations in their work and benefits.



  • Increase Enticements for Employers


There is ample evidence that hiring people with disabilities benefits their employers. As a result, it has created moral and pragmatic disputes between equal rights advocates and employers. The debate has even pushed some employers to change their attitudes towards hiring people with disabilities. Regardless of such efforts, it seems that overcoming the discriminatory hypothesis is not enough. Therefore, with persuasion, there could be more structural incentives.



  • Terminate Sub-Minimum Income


Over the past decades, society’s understanding of the work capacity of people with disabilities has undergone enormous changes. Nonetheless, it is agreeable that some people with severe disabilities, mental illnesses, or cognitive impairment, cannot get good jobs without special support. Such perception quickly falls under prejudice. While some individuals who are disabled may require more training, long-term support, or personalized work before becoming self-reliant, they are still capable of performing the duties.


There are many more ways in which politicians can stand out in supporting people with disabilities. These ideas include strengthening job protection laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. Furthermore, action can be taken to enable people with disabilities to make better use of assistive technology and the internet. 


A major key in supporting the disabled community is the development of better transitional plans for children and young people with disabilities. These individuals are very much a part of society and should be considered during each step when building the nation. To gain truly equal employment rights in the United States there must be more effort put in.