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Creating a positive impact as a leader can improve outcomes and motivate employees. A positive environment helps people look forward to getting the job done and being a part of a team. Leaders set the tone for the environment, but here are some ways any leader can make a positive impact on their team.


Impact by Example


One of the most effective ways to make a positive impact as a leader is to lead by example. Modeling appropriate behavior, such as arriving at work and meetings on time, can help reinforce rules. Leaders can make an even bigger impact by modeling the type of language and peer relations that they want to see. Leaders should interact with employees using kind language instead of yelling or demanding. Respect from leadership models the type of respect expected between team members as well.


Relationship Building


When leaders build relationships with their employees, it helps team members know that they have value at work. Relationship building can also help improve the collegiality of a team. Listening to employees and seeking their input in decisions can help make employees feel valued. Strengthening ties between staff and management can also help strengthen the relationships among team members. Asking both professional and personal questions helps leaders get to know their team members, find common ground on personal interests, and learn about the different skill sets on a team.


Open Communication


A team environment that fosters open communication can make a positive impact on the way a team works. As a leader, open communication involves upholding honesty, and telling employees about deadlines and important information well in advance can go a long way in creating a positive culture. Setting open door policies means that employees can approach those in management whenever they need to talk. Managers can go even further by having regular one-on-one appointments with members of their team to assess the progress of a project and provide space to ask questions.


Making a positive impact on a team sets good leaders apart from the rest. By engaging with the team and creating a positive environment, leaders have an opportunity to improve a team and its outcomes. It is never too late to create a happy and productive team by implementing these simple tips for leaders.