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Opportunites to help those in need often require labor that those with special needs may be incapable of, or find a bit difficult. However, that shouldn’t be discouraging, as there are more ways to volunteer than just fun-runs or roadside cleanups. In the modern age, there are countless volunteer opportunities that require little to no physical effort.

Virtual Volunteering

The most obvious way to volunteer is through the internet. Many businesses push for remote work, and those same skills and technologies can be used for volunteer work.


Catchafire is a website dedicated to digital and remote opportunities. Catchafire can connect you with organizations that need tasks done ranging from website construction or social media, all the way to visual branding and graphic design. Each project also includes a timeline estimate of how long the project will take, to help with scheduling. For those who are tech-savvy, this could be an excellent option for finding volunteer opportunities.


If you are interested in more crowd-sourcing style work, Amnesty International has a decoders project. Here, volunteers can take part in larger campaigns to perform ‘troll patrols’ which monitor abuse and bullying on social media. Other projects have included using google maps and satellite imaging to track oil spills, drone strikes, and more.


Translators Without Borders is a translation project dedicated to providing quality translations to other volunteer organizations. The information and translations provided are used for refugee aid, medical knowledge, and more. If you are a person skilled in languages or translation, then Translators Without Borders would be glad to have you.


These are just a few of the biggest digital and virtual volunteer opportunities available today, but there are thousands of worthwhile causes to which you may offer your services! 

Local Volunteering

If you want to have the experience of more community-oriented volunteer work, there are always excellent ways to involve yourself on a local level.


After-school programs are always interested in volunteers who can help out. Mentorship is incredibly important in the lives of young people and can create lasting bonds and relationships. Similarly, Big Brothers Big Sisters is nation-wide but works through local chapters all over the country. Animal shelters similarly are always looking for volunteers to help out – if you aren’t able to walk dogs or clean cages, then you can help with things like grooming, paperwork, or mailing.

For more ideas on how to volunteer, look into service hubs like Volunteer Match or Serve. as these services take in countless organizations from all over the nation and are certain to point you to a local organization deserving of your hard work and dedication.