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With the outbreak of the novel Covid-19 coronavirus, more people than ever are working from home. This provides more opportunities for the disabled if they can find jobs that fit their skill levels and capabilities. With that in mind, the following are some jobs that disabled people can work from the comfort of their homes.


Customer Service

Anyone, including the disabled, can be successful working from home with the proper accommodations and equipment, according to USA Today. For a customer service job, disabled applicants will need a computer, internet connection and a phone. Customer service jobs usually entail answering incoming calls from people who have questions or need to resolve issues. Some customer service representatives also take orders over the phone. A few companies that hire customer service reps to work from home include Amazon, Apple, Working Solutions, and LiveOps, according to FlexJobs.


Technical Support

Any disabled person who has expertise with computers, software, or other technical issues can work a technical support job from home. To find these jobs, it’s best to see if some of the larger companies, like Amazon, hire people in the local area for technical support. Disabled workers can also try calling the local cable company.


Telecommute on Present Job

When a disabled person has a job but needs more suitable accommodations, he or she can ask his or her boss to work from home. That’s because telecommuting is a reasonable request under the American Disabilities Act. The best way to initiate this type of move is to talk with both a superior and the human resources department. This better ensures a disabled individual is following the proper communication channels.


Become a Freelancer

Today’s disabled folks have a wide variety of skills, which can easily be converted into freelancing careers. The types of jobs that can be done on a freelancing basis include writing, graphic design, bookkeeping, teaching, tutoring, and even virtual assistant. One way to find these jobs is to conduct an online search. There are also some sites that cater to freelancers, including Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and Moonlighting. Linked-In may also have some freelance opportunities available for those who are qualified.


The key to being successful as a work-at-home disabled person is to select the right type of job. This means a job for which the individual has the proper skills and education. The disabled person should also have a penchant for what he or she is doing. From there, the individual just needs to work hard and become indispensable.